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2013,35,815,212,1 -- 12,5
21146,215,812,8 -- 13,2
2214,66,316,513,4 -- 13,8
2315,46,417,114,2 -- 14,6
24166,617,414,8 -- 15,2
2516,76,717,615,5 -- 15,9

To get the most accurate size possible, please measure your child's foot in length and width (if you don't know how there is a video that will explain it to you).

Measure the width of the foot, add between 3 and 5mm, if it is within the size indicated, great, if it is close to the maximum size, consider going up a shoe size. For the length of the foot, we indicate the margins in which it must enter.

Try the shoe on your child's foot, if you see that he/she is comfortable, that it doesn't pinch and that he/she walks well, then the shoe fits him well.

If you have ANY doubts, you CAN write to us via the Customer Service Email, or via WhatsApp 613 001 117 0 or through our social network platforms.

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