Designed with little ones in mind

Blandy Shoes have been designed with toddlers in mind.

Respectful of tender little feet, comfortable, soft and flexible.

Cheerful and fun designs for boys and girls that help them gain independence and develop their sensory and cognitive skills.

Manufactured in Spain with top quality materials, favoring local commerce with no need to look outside our country to buy good footwear.

Comfortable children's footwear at the best price

Shoes began to be used around 10,000 B.C. to protect the foot from external elements such as cold, rain, heat, different terrains ...

In ancient Rome, shoes revealed your social status and in ancient Egypt they were considered a luxury, but fortunately today they are available to everyone.

That is why at Blandy Shoes we want you to have quality children's footwear not only at your fingertips but also at a very competitive price so that your little ones can be up to date with all the quality and comfort they deserve.

Why choose Blandy Shoes?

At Blandy Shoes we strive to manufacture quality shoes that meet a series of requirements such as:

  •  Completely smooth soles
  •  Removable and breathable insole
  •  Made of 100% leather 
  • Without buttresses
  •  Soft, light and very flexible.

Children are joy personified, they are pure life and that is why our designs aim to be cheerful and original.

The Blandys not only intend to please parents, grandparents or relatives who want to buy them, but primarily our little ones, who should always will be comfortable and happy in their footwear.

That explains why the phrase,


Who is the creator of Blandy Shoes?

Tamara, creator and designer of Blandy Shoes, bored of always seeing the same styles, decided one day to start drawing shoes that she would like for her own daughter.

From her imagination, emerged super fun and exciting designs that expressed her own personality.

“I want my shoes to offer comfort, lightness, to be soft, flexible - at the same time support the foot without interfering in its own development, being totally versatile and comfortable”.

Made in Spain with top quality materials, Tamara managed to make her first prototypes and discovered that designing shoes for children was her passion. Every day she strives to innovate and work for the next few seasons to put at your disposal the most fun and comfortable Blandys for your children.

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