If you want to change the size of your shoes you can do it as follows. The procedure is very simple:

1. It is important that you prepare the package. Close and protect the box with a bag and indicate your name on the outside, but you do not need any label.

2. Access your customer account, within our website, using your username and password.

3. Go to the "order history" section and select the order that contains the product you want to change: Details

4. Within the detail of your order, scroll down and click on the product or products you want to change.

5.Then write the new size and an easy explanation in the box. You can write what you want so that we understand you better. RETURN OF ORDER / CHANGE OF SIZE / REPLACEMENT.

6. Attach photos (only in the case of replacement by default), and complete the process by pressing the REQUEST SIZE CHANGE button

7. Once the information has been processed, in 48/72 business hours you will receive a message informing you of the departure of your change and providing you with the locator of the new shipment.

8. Finally, in 48/72 business hours, the new shipment will arrive at your address, so, in order to receive it, you must deliver the previous package duly closed and identified to the courier at the same time.

Please let us know if the new package has not been delivered within this period, or if you have checked in the locator that it has any incidence, and so we can claim it.

Please contact us through your customer account from our website or by email to

Please, keep in mind the following details amounts about your change:

• The first change of size has a shipping cost for the customer of 3€, (shipments from the peninsula) so if after doing it, it is still not what you need, you can return the item, within a maximum period of 15 days from the reception of the same, by means of a message from your client account, selecting the order you will be able to verify at all times the progress of your exchange within your client account in the section


• If you wish to contact us, you must always do so within your customer account, in the MESSAGES section where you will also find all of our responses or through the email

• Valid and official procedures will only be in writing, so even if you call us by phone and clarify it, we will always ask you to send us your request by message to carry out the management correctly.

• For your exchange request to be accepted, the product / s MUST NOT HAVE BEEN USED, that is, the product / s must be new and in its original box.

• For your exchange request to be accepted, the product must not have suffered any damage due to improper use and must be in the same conditions in which it was delivered, keeping both its original box, as well as all its initial content ( labels, papers and / or other elements it contains). The box must not have been written, nor must it contain any glued items.

• For your exchange request to be accepted, the client must have made fair use of our exchange / returns service -> see Fair Use section.

• If your request is made during holidays, the information will not be processed until the next business day.

• Between our work and the transport time, the complete process of an exchange can take between 4/5 business days. Depending on the volume and circumstances of the moment.

• If we do not have the new size, we can only offer you a return, so if you want to change the model for another one that we have in your size, you must request a return of this order through your usual procedure and make a new purchase of the chosen product.


Any item purchased through the web has 15 business days to be returned from the date of receipt of the order, either by default or by purchase withdrawal.

1-For this it is important that you prepare the package, you must deliver it as you received it, close the box and protect it with a bag and tell us your name on the outside. The transport company is responsible for adhering the label.

2-Access your customer account within, through your username and password.

3-Go to the section where it indicates ORDER HISTORY and select the order that contains the product or products you want to return.

4-Then click on "details" to be able to select the order from which you want to make a return. Select the product or products you want to return.

5-Tell us the reason for the return. (Change of size, return or replacement in the section within your customer account

6-If it is an item with a defect, please attach photographs of it and complete the process by clicking on REQUEST A RETURN.

7-Once the information has been processed in 48/72 hours you will receive a message with the answer to your request and some instructions to pick up your package.

8-Once our message has been received, within 24/48 business hours, a courier will go to your address to collect the package, at that time you must deliver it properly closed and identified. If the courier has not picked up the package within 72 business hours, please notify us through your customer account or through the orders mail @ blandy- Important that you take into account the following important details about your return and refund.

The cost of the return will be made by us and has a cost of € 3.95 that will be deducted from the refund, along with the initial shipping costs.

You can verify at any time the process of your return within your customer account in the section


If you wish to contact us at any time, you can do so through your client area or by e-mail

Please take into account that neither weekends nor holidays will be counted as the next business day. Between our management and the transport service it can take between 5/7 business days.

For the return to be accepted, the product must be unused (see the fair use section) of our exchange / returns service.

For the return to be accepted, the customer must have sent photographic material, if the company requests it, to confirm that the product does not present any defect, or photographs of the defect it describes.

• If the product does not meet these conditions, and the return is rejected, the customer will have 3 months to collect and / or withdraw the package from our facilities, bearing the costs that have been generated.


It is not permissible to change the color of an item purchased, nor to change a model for a different one, since our system only allows us to manage the change of size of the same model of your order, or if you wish, its return.

Therefore, if the product received does not convince you, you must request a return under the instructions described here. -> see Return.


At Blandy Shoes we are very rigorous with our quality process, that is why we try to ensure that all our items are presented in perfect condition, however, if you receive an item that shows an obvious defect, and you want us to exchange it for a new one, the procedure to be applied will be the same as that described in “Change of size”, but specifying the reason for the defect, and providing the photographic material that corroborates it. -> see free size change. The toes of the footwear worn or chafed by use, whether made of rubber or any other material, or improper cleaning of a product, will not be considered manufacturing defects, even if it has only been used for a few days, so they will not be valid grounds for claim or compensation. Nor will we be responsible in any case when the shoe has already been used, but the client considers after use that it doesn’t suit them, even if it has been based on the size guide, or on the information provided by our team. -> see Applicable Guarantees

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