Blandy Shoes, is recognised as the seller of the products offered on their website under the guarantee established in General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users.

They will be liable to their users under the conditions as recognised by the regulations in force.

Non-conformity of the product: The warranty will cover the situations where there is a lack of conformity of the purchased product, understanding as such that the product does not meets the conditions established in article 116 of the Law.

Terms of the Warranty period:

The warranty covers products purchased both by users who are consumers and / or users, in accordance with current legislation, as well as by entrepreneurs who do business, whether natural or legal persons. The warranty period starts when the product is delivered to the user, and will remain in force for a period of two (2) years for the consumers and users, and one (1) year for entrepreneurs. During the first six (6) months of said period, it is presumed that the lack of conformity of the product already existed at the time of the delivery; the user having to prove, from the sixth month on, that the lack of conformity of the product It has not been due to your actions, omissions or lack of proper maintenance.

Delivery of the purchase invoice:

A copy of the invoice and delivery document of the purchased product at the time of claiming the exercise of the guarantee from Blandy Shoes.

Warranty Content:

The guarantee of the products purchased may consist of the repair, replacement, reduction of the price or resolution of the contract of sale. When repairing and replacing the products the User can select from balanced and reasonable options, technically and economically. Generally, it is understood that the product will be repaired before opting for the return.

In any case, the repair and replacement of the product will be free for the User. Blandy Shoes will account for the total expenses necessary for the provision of the guarantee; including the costs of transport and / or shipping of the products, the costs of parts or labor or others that were necessary to achieve product conformity.

The repair or replacement of the good will be provided by Blandy Shoes in the shortest possible time, taking into account the nature or utility of the good; and singularly that the products object of warranty can be repaired by the manufacturer, or workshop, so that we will manage these operations to be carried out as quickly as possible. During the duration of the repair or replacement of the good, the warranty period will be suspended. Said suspension will begin when the product is made available to Blandy Shoes and will be kept until the replaced or repaired product is made available to the User.

If during the six (6) months after delivery of the repaired product they reproduce the same defects as those initially manifested, Blandy Shoes will be responsible for the repair, which is presumed to be for the same cause; unless there is proof of the contrary.

If the product is repaired or replaced and after delivery it continues to suffer from a lack of conformity, the User may demand the replacement or repair (whatever has not been carried out) of the product (unless it is disproportionate), the price reduction or the resolution of the contract, in accordance with the legal provisions.

The User may request the price reduction or the termination of the contract when the replacement or repair of the product could not be fulfilled, or these have not been carried out within a reasonable period of time.

However, the termination of the contract will not proceed when the lack of conformity is insufficient.

In any case, the price reduction will be proportional to the difference between the value that the product would have had at the time of delivery had it been in accordance with the contract and the value that the product actually delivered had at the time of said delivery.

Process of warranty:

The User will have a period of two (2) months to inform us of the lack of conformity of the product since it manifested. After this period, however, the guarantee will continue covering the product and the lack of conformity, but the User will be responsible for the damage and damages that such delay produces or aggravates.

When the product is made available to Blandy Shoes, the User must fill out an RMA document and accompany it, duly signed, together with the product, stating the lack of conformity attributed to the product; sending all this to the official address of the company's headquarters.

When Blandy Shoes receive the product, they will provide the User with a document acknowledging and stating the date and the cause of lack of conformity claimed by the User.

Along with the repaired or replaced product, the User will be given a dated document with a record of the operations carried out or that a new product is delivered.

In any case, the User can contact the manufacturer or producer of the goods purchased on the website, when the latter is responsible for the guarantee of the product that he has manufactured or produced, provided that, in the opinion of the User, directing the claim to Blandy Shoes is impossible or represents an excessive burden . Warranty Exclusions:

Failures or lack of conformity of the product that have their origin are excluded from the guarantee. origin in:

 - Undue manipulation by the user, blows, alterations, negligence, misuse or lack of proper product maintenance.

 - Exposure of the product to extreme weather conditions or atmospheric pressure, wet or damp exposure of the product; except that in the technical specifications of the product, its resistance to said conditions is stated or it is specially dedicated to its use in such conditions.

 - The wear and tear due to the normal use of the product, the end of its useful life or the exhaustion of the elements that compose it.

 - Products that have been affected by accidents, catastrophes or natural elements, such as fire, earthquake, flood, storm, etc.

 - Damages caused by the action, fault or negligence of the user, such as falls, scrapes, cuts, impacts, improper use, improper washing, product deformation, opening of this, or any other form of alteration of the product.

 - Products that have been used by the user for purposes other than their normal use, or that have been used in a manner other than the manufacturer's specifications; causing damage in them.

 - Products manipulated by the user or by third parties, as well as those who have suffered alterations in its original configuration.



Given the special legal conditions that apply to the territories of the Community Autónoma de Canarias and the Autonomous Cities of Ceuta and Melilla, some parts of the these General Conditions will not apply to shipments of products to be made in said territories.

In any case, orders destined for the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla must be processed through our commercial staff, informing the User before concluding the process of the special conditions applicable.

Specifically, special conditions will apply in the following sections:

Shipping costs:

Due to the special legal conditions to send the products to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, and the necessary completion of the appropriate customs procedures, shipping costs may be modified according to the different tax situations in force at all times.

In any case, at the time of completing the purchase process, the user will be informed of the total of the Shipping costs.

Taxes, fees and royalties:

Given the special taxation existing in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, the products delivered in said territories are not taxed by the Value Added Tax. In this sense, Blandy Shoes will inform the User of other taxes (such as the Canary Islands General Indirect Tax, IGIC), special taxes, duties or additional charges that may be applicable, in their case; as well as, if any, management expenses, including customs, are necessary for the compliance with the tax obligations derived from the dispatch of the merchandise.

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